Academic Tutoring


In conjunction with our arts programs, which have demonstrated improvement in students’ academic success, we provide youth with opportunities for homework assistance, test prep, and general tutoring to assist with any core subject, assignment, or project. Our instructors work with youth not only to improve academic performance, but also to set personal goals, incorporate creative activities, and motivate long-term success. At our forthcoming Allapattah Campus, students receiving a C or below in a core subject will be required to participate in our tutoring programs, ensuring that they are motivated to succeed and preparing them for a brighter future.

Early Childhood Literacy Program

In many under-resourced communities, children lack access to education in phonics, phonemic awareness, and other skills needed to prepare them to be confident readers. Without the proper building blocks of literacy, development in other academic areas will suffer. This program targets struggling readers to help them perform at grade level and beyond, not only strengthening their reading ability, but also giving them the confidence to conquer all school subjects.

After-School Homework Program

Students complete homework assignments under the tutelage of qualified educators and support staff in a pleasant, stress-free environment. Classes are differentiated by grade level, from Kindergarten – 12th Grade.

SAT Preparation

This program covers all aspects of the SAT – the standardized exam required for admission by most colleges and universities – including the Reading, Writing & Language, and Math sections, as well as the optional Essay component. Students will receive specialized instruction in a small group setting with emphasis on test-taking strategies and SAT content. Additionally, students will take practice SAT exams in a simulated testing environment, and will receive feedback on their scores and areas for improvement. Upon completion of this course, students will receive take-home study material to maximize learning gains and equip them with resources for success!

GED Preparation

This course will help students develop the additional reading, critical thinking, and test-taking strategy skills needed to succeed in all four GED test areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA). Upon completion of this course, students will be well equipped to take and pass the GED exam!