ME’s Headline News

March 2018

Creative, Fun Times at Eneida

Tallahassee Workshop

February 2018

Studying ME’s Impact

January 2018

Painting with the Pros

Critical Listening at Jan Moran Learning Library

The Arts & Dropout Prevention



October 2017

Gaze Upon Your Future

September 2017

The Motivational Edge x Chapman Partnership PEACE

July 2017

James Jones Summer Workshop

The Motivational Edge @ Educate Tomorrow

June 2017

Larry Johnson speaks with youth at Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center School

Happenings at The Motivational Edge

SIPP Youth – a Breakthrough Moment

Hillsborough County Children’s Services

May 2017

954 Presents Broward Beats

March 2017

Happenings at The Motivational Edge

– Columbia University School of Social Work Partnership

February 2017

– Airbnb Donates Art Supplies Via Host Club Members

– Chapman Partnership Youth Create Vision Boards



November 2016

Happenings at The Motivational Edge

October 2016

– Meet ME’s Newest Interns: Ashley & Dave

September 2016

– My First Year Working with The Motivational Edge

August 2016

– The Motivational Edge Now Services the Tampa Youth Community

–  Happenings at The Motivational Edge

July 2016

City of Miami Proclaims Motivational Edge Day

– Santi goes to Berklee!‎

January 2016

– Motivational Edge Now Provides Lyrical Expression to Juvenile Delinquents

– City of Miami Parks Partnership



December 2015

– Utilizing The Arts As A Therapeutic Tool

 Providing Services To Adults At Camillus House And Health

 KIND Café: an #iChooseArt Experience (Art Basel 2015)

November 2015

– The Motivational Edge Fuses Music & Technology For Local Youth

– October Employee Of The Month: Marcy Suarez

October 2015

– Irie Foundation Allapattah Music and Literacy Center Quarter 1 Student Spotlight Award

– September Employee Of The Month: Adrian “Rocky” Gonzalez

August 2015

– 2015 Music & Art Student Showcase

July 2015

– A Message From Jose Hernandez On His Experience At Berklee College of Music

May 2015

– Happenings At The Motivational Edge, Digital Newsletter



August 2014

– 2014 Student Showcase of Art & Excellence

July 2014

 Irie Foundation Partnership

February 2014

– Lyrical Expression and Audio Recording Classes for Teens