Health & Wellness Initiative

The Motivational Edge’s Health & Wellness Initiative empowers youth to participate in a wide range of physical and mindful activities that are fun, engaging, challenging and rewarding.

This program’s curriculum is led by evidence-based practices and embodies physical fitness activities such as dance, martial arts, various sports and yoga.

When our youth love sports and physical play, they develop an enthusiasm for wellness that lasts a lifetime. Health, nourishment and fitness directly impact a young person’s success in their educational pursuits, and make them better equipped to confront the challenges they encounter in their communities and daily lives.

ME’s Health & Wellness Initiative includes a nutrition education component, providing mindfulness training and guidance on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, choosing healthy foods, and preparing healthy snacks.

Participants learn critical and foundational movement skills, which are the building blocks for physical and mental activity, as well as develop skills needed to be successful in life – Social Skills, Discipline, Teamwork, Leadership, Respect and a sense of Self-Worth.

This program also focuses on the importance of respecting others and their culture. In respecting each other, youth will learn to listen to and communicate with one another, while learning the basic principles of teamwork and leadership.

Sessions are led by trained coaches as well as former and current professional athletes, such as NFL Running Back Larry Johnson, acting as guest coaches and providing knowledgeable insight and mentorship.

Hall of Fame

We’re grateful to these professional athletes for coming out to work with our students as very special Guest Coaches!

Larry Johnson

Bryant McKinnie

Jordan Lucas