The Art of Creative Writing

and Lyrical Expression 


Behind the scenes of our latest Lyrical Expression class.

The Art of Creative Writing and Lyrical Expression

This multidisciplinary program offers youth a rare and safe outlet for healing, growth, and self-discovery through positive self-expression and mentorship. Creative writing, songwriting, and lyrical expression exercises equip students with tools for personal reflection and interpersonal communication, as well as awareness of group collaboration and performance etiquette. Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn foundational elements of audio recording technology and procedures, working with our team of Teaching Artists to develop their writings into original singles. Along the way, youth expand their academic skills in literacy, vocabulary, and creative thinking – skills which students can take out of the studio and into their classrooms and communities.

Youth participating in this course will show improvements in:

  • Social-Emotional Maturity
  • Writing and Language Arts
  • Increased motivation both in school and beyond