Student Code of Ethics

Our valued students adhere to the following:

Show respect to each individual and use appropriate and courteous language at all times.

Perform to best ability during class, and while at home.  If a grade “C” or below is received in a core subject, tutoring twice per week minimum is required until grades surpass a “C”.

Always be willing to perform at highest level; and to be honest when asked about grades.

Attend, engage and be active in all classes at school because it is extremely important in order to be successful.

Handle disagreements in the proper manner by trusting a staff member and asking for help before matters escalate.

Behave properly, knowing disruptive behavior and/or physical altercations with another student, are not tolerable, and subject to removal from program or class session.

Listen to constructive criticism whether it is given by a peer or staff member, and respect others’ opinions.

Be honest with yourself, classmates and any staff members by answering honestly when asked a question.

If codes above are not followed, rights to participate in any or all programs offered by The Motivational Edge may be forfeited.