dcf_logoThe Motivational Edge has been impacting residential group home providers in the Suncoast Region since February 2016 after they initially presented what Motivational Edge is and how the program would benefit providers in the region. After the initial meeting took place in February 2016, two residential group home providers initiated services with Motivational Edge. Both facilities continue to use Motivational Edge as a therapeutic service.

In June 2016, Motivational Edge came back to another provider meeting in which they brought youth they had worked with and did presentations that were heartfelt and really showed the impact they had made on these youth.

Today, the Motivational Edge is starting to grow in the Suncoast Region with involvement currently with 2 residential group home providers and in the next two to three months should increase that to hopefully four to five residential group home providers in the SunCoast Region.

Evan Leach / Regional Licensing Manager / Suncoast Region Family and Community Services / Florida Department Of Children and Families

berkleecitymusic_20yrbadges_1This stellar creative youth development program in association with Berklee College of Music, and specifically the Berklee City Music Network, is of mutual benefit. Recently, myself and another staff member conducted a site visit at ME. On this visit we interviewed teachers and students and made observations about the facility. This close examination of our Network partners takes place every two to three years. Motivational Edge scored very well. We continue to be excited about our partnership with Motivational Edge!

J. Curtis Warner, Jr.  /  Associate Vice President  /  Education Outreach & Community Affairs  /  Berklee College of Music

knight-foundationThe Motivational Edge recognized a need in Allapattah, a low-income neighborhood in Miami, and has worked tirelessly to meet that need. They provide programming in writing, music, music production, dance and urban arts expression to creatively engage youth while also providing academic support and rigor as well as life skills to support the whole child. They develop pride and self-esteem. The Motivational Edge is poised to make major changes in our community. Their rapid growth is a testament to the community’s response to their programming as well as the enthusiastic passion of their leadership. I highly support The Motivational Edge with a firm belief that their programming has and will continue to shape lives in Miami.

Dennis Scholl  /  Vice President / Arts  /  Knight Foundation

our-kids-miami-logo-01The Motivational Edge is proficient at recognizing the essential needs of their students and families and has worked tirelessly to meet their needs over the past six years. We are very fortunate to have a group like The Motivational Edge uplifting the youth in our community; our youth in foster care particularly enjoy The Art of Creative Writing and Lyrical Expression. These programs offer them a much needed platform to verbally express themselves in a positive, non-threatening way. We find that such a progressive arts and academic program benefits the most vulnerable youth in our community and gives them an outlet to positively express themselves, which promotes creativity, positive thinking and personal growth.

Bart Armstrong  /  Vice President / Chief Operations Officer  /  Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe

citrus-logoThe Motivational Edge is one of our groups in the program in which the youth meet twice a week with visual and musical artists and producers who help the youth in creative expressions. The Motivational Edge team has been influential in a therapeutic way that even therapists have not been able to master. As a doctor in Clinical Psychology, I have been trained for years on the most effective treatment plans to ensure motivation in youth. However, after witnessing the growth and development that has taken place in such a short time with Motivational Edge, our boys and girls have improved the ways in which they communicate and express themselves in the program.

As a therapist, there have been times throughout this year in which I was able to use the material generated in the Motivational Edge group to better understand my own youth. In Motivational Edge group, our youth create songs that speak to being a victim of sexual exploitation, of domestic violence and of being in the foster care system since birth.

In our program, we have youth that have co-morbid diagnoses such as: Polysubstance Dependence, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Oppositional and Defiant Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar I Disorder. However, I have been able to watch the youth attend Motivational Edge group and start the group upset or frustrated and leave group in a more stable mood after having released their anxieties and fears on paper. I would recommend Motivational Edge to any program that has youth or adults who struggle with expressing emotions or have individuals who feel stuck in their own circumstance. Motivational Edge assists our treatment team in trauma recovery work and stress tolerance while providing coping skills that will, hopefully, prevent criminal and addictive thinking patterns in the future.

Dr. LaTasha Russell  /  Citrus Health Network

his-houseHis House Children’s Home and His House Academy have had the pleasure of providing the children of Miami Gardens with the services of The Motivational Edge. The children have had the opportunity to express their talent through musical instruments, DJ’ing and lyrical expression.

It is so therapeutic for children to have an outlet for expression and The Motivational Edge has offered this to our children. Twice a year the children showcase their gifts and talents to their parents and they are overjoyed.

The Motivational Edge is a wonderful organization to work with as a partner. They will be an asset to the City of Miami Gardens and its population.

Erika Tegtmeyer Lozano  /  Director of Operations  /  His House Children’s Home

chapmanpartnershiplogo-rgbWithout reservation, I highly support The Motivational Edge with a firm belief that The Motivational Edge will continue to be an amazing source for education, hope and faith among the youth in Miami-Dade.

Holly Woodbury  /  VP of Development  /  Chapman Partnership

itechOur youth are very fortunate to have The Motivational Edge offering progressive, culturally relevant arts and academic programs to our population of youth. We at iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center are excited about The Motivational Edge’s expansion and growth to provide even more programs to youth in our community and relish the opportunity to work alongside them in the process.

Sean Gallagan, Ph.D.  /  Principal  /  iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center